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Southern Products in Baton Rogue, LA
a Division of DuraServ

Servicing Hammond, Port Allen, Plaquemine, Lafayette, LA

Let us ask you this; have you ever wondered if there is actually a loading dock, door, and equipment company that not only provides the highest quality of products but also has an extensive list of services and highly-trained professionals? Did you just shake your head to yourself and think this is not possible? Well, with Southern Dock Products, it is.

Let us introduce ourselves. From the name itself, Southern Dock Products, you will probably have an inkling as to what we do and who we serve. You are probably right. Southern Dock Products is a loading dock, door, and equipment company that serves clients here in the South and across the United States with key markets in Canada. We have been considered the leading service provider in the loading dock, door, and equipment industry, but the interesting thing is, we haven’t even been around that long. Because of the comprehensive experience of our team of experts that are well-versed to the specific needs of our clients from different areas of the United States and our extensive list of services, all designed to make everything better and easier for our clients, we made our way to the top in such a short time.

Southern Dock Products is aware of all the difficulties businesses with commercial docks here in the South go through every day. With the humid climate, the least we can do is make it a lot easier for you with our top quality products.

Dock Levelers and Lifts

A tool used to adjust the height difference between the dock and the truck. You can take your pick among different designs that suit virtually all needs of your loading dock designs with mechanical, hydraulic, air powered, etc. We work with popular brands such as Serco.

Dock Seals and Shelter

Dock seals and shelter prove to be crucial with the humid climate we have in the South. They help prevent that humidity from entering the truck and the warehouse where it can possibly ruin your products’ integrity. We have several designs for you to choose from.

Safety Equipment and Truck Restraints

There are instances when unfortunate incidents happen in this kind of working environment. That is why in order to reduce the chances of those from happening, we provide you with safety equipment like truck restraints, safety and lighting, impact barriers, protective systems, and wheel restraints.

Aftermarket Products

Maintaining and upgrading existing products purchased from us is now possible with this list of aftermarket products. We also made sure to include energy-saving products to help with clients’ desire to be more environmentally conscious and to reduce energy cost.

Door Products

We all know how important this specific product is with the overall loading dock design you have in mind. So to provide various options for you, we include several designs like Commercial Rolling Steel Doors, Commercial Sectional Doors, and Knock out Doors to name a few.

Industrial Fans

Humidity has always been a major concern in places like the South, so to stifle this problem, we have a quick fix for you. Our industrial fans were specifically designed to move a lot of air and create a more balanced internal environment with a gentle mass of air, or “floor jet,” that not only provides comfort to your employees by improving their working environment, but also protect your products’ integrity.

We will supply, repair and maintain these products, so you don’t have these three things to worry about.

Since Southern Dock Products is also well aware of Baton Rouge being the hub of all things Louisiana and having businesses that range from major industrial, to petrochemical and medical, we made sure our products are also up to speed with the needs of these industries; from High Volume Warehousing and Distribution, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Refrigeration/Cold Storage, Parking Garages, Manufacturing, and High-Security Facilities, to Heavy Industrial Applications, Energy Efficient Facilities, Transportation and Transit, Retail, Auto Dealers, and Service Centers, we have it all.

We also offer services that will benefit you from start to finish. We will get involved in the planning and will be working closely with your architects and/or facility manager to come up with the loading dock design suited best for you and your business. We will be proactive in identifying risks and installing the needed safety equipment from the beginning to improve safety. We can go on and on with the long list of services we have to offer to make you believe that we are worthy of your trust, time, and money. But know this, Southern Dock Products takes great pride in claiming that our company greatly revolves around customers’ satisfaction. We put your needs above all. So know that whatever we do, we have your best interest in mind.

We are now servicing these areas:

  • Baton Rouge – means “red stick.” It is the capital of Louisiana and its second largest city.
  • Hammond – the largest city in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana, its residents enjoy fine restaurants, shopping centers, and many beautiful parks for the entire family.
  • Port Allen – home to the Mississippi Riverfront Development, this city provides a panoramic view of the Mississippi River and Baton Rouge, including the West Baton Rouge Museum, the City of Port Allen Railroad Depot, Scott’s Cemetery, the Port of Greater Baton Rouge, and the Port Allen Lock.
  • Plaquemine – part of the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Statistical Area, this city is the parish seat of Iberville Parish, Louisiana.
  • Lafayette – known as the heart of Cajun Country and the cultural center of Louisiana’s heritage, this city is located along the Vermilion River in the southwestern part of the state.

For your dock and door products and services needs in Baton Rouge, LA,contact us at (844) 826-5301 or send us a service request here.

Serving businesses in Baton Rouge, Hammond, Port Allen, Plaquemine and Lafayette, Louisiana.