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Southern Products in Garland, TX
a Division of DuraServ Corp.

Southern Dock Products is proud to deliver quality loading dock products, parts, and services to commercial businesses and warehouse facilities in Garland, Texas, a global apparel exporter and home to attractive outdoor sceneries and park lands. As the world’s leading distributor of loading dock products and equipment, Southern Dock Products knows the ins and outs of the loading dock industry and will provide solutions most suited to the needs of your business in Garland and its surrounding areas. We are familiar with the heat and humidity of the Texan climate, and seek to create a durable, safe, and efficient loading dock area where you can perform your business activities in peace.

Our experts are aware of the dangers and safety concerns revolving around dock areas, which may result to heavy damages and setbacks, and it is our pleasure to create a hazard-free work environment to protect your personnel and minimize injury-related expenses. Southern Dock Products works with the biggest names in the loading dock market to ensure that only the best products and services available are acquired by our clients in Garland.

dock leveler and lifts

Dock Levelers & Lifts

Southern Dock Products provide efficient and effective dock levelers and lifts to guarantee a smooth operation when loading or unloading products and equipment. They are used for adjusting the height difference between docks and trucks or trailers. Check our dock leveler options in Garlandmechanicalhydraulicair-powered, or specialty dock levelers. You can also check our Garland dock lifts and other loading dock options in Garland.

dock seals and shelters

Dock Seals & Shelter

Heat and humidity can cause product spoilage, and our dock seals and shelters in Garland, Texas keep outside air and debris out of your loading dock to protect climate-sensitive items. Check our Garland dock seals,Garland Texas dock sheltersdock seal options, and inflatable dock seals.

safety equipment and truck restraints

Safety Equipment & Truck Restraints

Our products are designed for risk reduction in the loading dock area, not only for securing your equipment but also preventing unforeseen accidents from befalling your personnel, which can lead to high expenses on your part and loss of profit. Included in our range of safety products are truck restraintssafety and lightingimpact barriersprotective systems, and wheel restraints.

commercial door products

Commercial Door Products

Operating a business has its own challenges, and owning a loading dock requires careful assessment of the products to use, including the usage of practical, effective, and durable commercial doors for a variety of applications. Southern Dock Products offers a wide range of commercial dock products in Garland, Texas. We have commercial sectional doorscommercial rolling steel doorsknock out doorshigh-performance doors, and quality door operators.

High Impact Led™ Dock Light

Aftermarket Products

These products are for upgrading and maintaining our clients’ existing products. Energy-saving products are also made available for businesses that desire to reduce their energy cost.



To ensure comfort in our employees’ working environment and protection of our products’ integrity, these industrial fans were designed to create a more balanced internal environment with a gentle mass of air or “floor jet.”.

Whether it be for warehousing and distribution, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, refrigeration, manufacturing, and other applications, Southern Dock Products has the products and technicians needed to best optimize the performance of your loading dock environment. In addition to our commercial products, we also offer parts and serviceto minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Our professional team can also work with your architects, engineers, and facility manager to create your loading dock design plan to effectively decide on the exact loading dock equipment to use for your business.

Southern Dock Products offers cost-effective measures to address your problems right away.  For anything loading-dock related in Garland, Texas and its surrounding areas, contact us at 800-994-2361 or fill our service request here.


With our fleet of fully stocked vehicles and team of factory trained service technicians, we work around the clock to keep your loading dock equipment operating safely and efficiently.

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