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Southern Products in Shreveport, LA
a Division of DuraServ

Servicing Monroe, Bossier City, Alexandria, Ruston, LA

For loading docks, doors, and equipment concerns, Southern Dock Products is the expert to call. We have just the right and the best kind of product, service, and a team of experts to service the other side of Louisiana, Shreveport and its surrounding areas.

We have come a long way in making our company the best in the industry. Southern Dock Products and its employees are motivated with the company goal to always take good care of our customers by always providing them with products and services that help reduce risk, enhance operational efficiency, and provide them with solutions that work.

Businesses with commercial loading docks don’t really sleep. That is why in Southern Dock Products we are also available 24 hours for parts and services so you don’t have to wait until the morning to make that emergency call. We always welcome our client’s call should you need onsite repair work to your commercial door and/or loading docks.

What’s more is that Southern Dock Products is also home to some of the finest products, parts, and accessories in the loading dock, door, and equipment industry. Working with the big names in the business, Southern Dock Products has provided its clients with products that are safe and have the highest quality and efficiency.

Dock Levelers and Lifts

Options like mechanical, hydraulic, air powered, etc. for levelers and lifts for different docks are available for achieving the ideal height between the loading dock and trucks to ensure a safe and smooth operation.

Dock Seals and Shelter

Effective in keeping humidity from entering trucks and warehouses, these seals and shelters provide protection to our climate-sensitive products by eliminating gaps at the dock in the most efficient way possible.

Safety Equipment and Truck Restraints

Safety and lighting, truck restraints, impact barriers, protective systems, and wheel restraints are included in our full line of safety equipment and truck restraints. These products reduce risks and make our loading docks more efficient. Truck restraints and wheel restrains are provided to keep both your employees and your equipment safe from accidental truck movement.

Aftermarket Products

As stated before, Southern Dock Products will also provide a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories to help you maintain an efficient and safe loading dock environment. Energy-saving products are also available to reduce energy consumption and lower costs.

Door Products

Door products’ quality is as important as the next equipment’s. That is why Southern Dock Products is working with some of the big names in the business to serve you with door products with the finest quality. We have a wide collection of door products from Commercial Rolling Steel Doors to Commercial Sectional Doors to Knock Out Doors and a lot more.

Industrial Fans

These industrial fans make a huge difference in our employees’ working environment by moving a lot of air around. They make it much more comfortable while also providing additional protection for our products.

To further make it easier to maintain these products and equipment available to our clients, Southern Dock Products also prepared annual maintenance programs to assist you in extending the life of your loading dock, door, and equipment. Our team of factory-trained and knowledgeable experts will also conduct regular checks of your equipment as they are designed. Furthermore, we have several maintenance frequencies that are available to our clients to choose upon. They can choose the frequency that suits their business needs.

Southern Dock Products has been servicing Shreveport and these surrounding areas:

  • Monroe – home of Biedenharn Museum and Garden that explores the history of Coca-Cola, which is first bottled by the Biedenharn Candy Company. This city is in northern Louisiana.
  • Bossier City – located on the northwestern border of Louisiana, this city is closely tied economically and socially to its larger sister city Shreveport on the opposite bank.
  • Alexandria – the parish seat of Rapides Parish, Alexandria is the ninth-largest city in the state of Louisiana.
  • Ruston – largest city in the Eastern Ark-La-Tex region, this city hosts the annual Peach Festival.

For your dock and door products and services needs in Shreveport, Louisiana, contact us (844) 826-5301 or send us a service request here.

We are also serving businesses in Shreveport, Monroe, Bossier City, Alexandria and Ruston, Louisiana.