Who We Are

We Fix Broken Stuff!

Southern Dock Products, a division of DuraServ Corp, handles Installation, Servicing, and Design of Loading Dock Equipment, Overhead Doors, Material Handling Devices, and Material Handling Machinery. We are a team of committed professionals who want to ensure that your loading dock equipment functions flawlessly and that your warehouse, industrial site, or retail business offers a safe environment for your employees, as well as an efficient functionality that helps you pursue your company’s earnings goals.

We are a division of DuraServ Corp, which started with locations in Texas, Georgia, and New Jersey and grew to include partnerships with companies throughout the United States, from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Orlando, Florida. At Southern Dock Products, we strive to provide local businesses with the best in Loading Dock Products and related equipment, and when you work with us as your supply source, you get to enjoy the powerful reach of the renowned DuraServ Corp.

Southern Dock Products. Dedicated to Your Success

When you come to us to Install, Service, or Design your Loading Dock Levelers, Equipment, or other products, we offer our complete attention to your specific needs. Even though we might install the same equipment at your business site as we do at another, we know that every client’s needs are a little different from every other. We’ve fueled the healthy growth of our company by offering every customer the best in Personalized and Dedicated Service, whether you’re in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Atlanta, Georgia, or Fort Worth, Texas.

We Sell the Best in Commercial Doors & Loading Dock Equipment

You’ll never see us sacrifice the quality of the equipment we sell, install, and service to save a few dollars. We offer only the best in material handling and loading dock equipment because we know that the best equipment provides low maintenance and excellent safety. Not only do we offer the best names in machinery like Dock Levelers. We also carry and install most types of loading Dock Levelers for our clients throughout San Antonio, Texas; Tampa, Florida; and Houston, Texas, because we know that no docking area is exactly like another.

You might benefit from one of our best-in-class Serco Mechanical Dock Levelers for your warehouse, which boasts durability and dependability and are designed to offer unlimited float hold-down. Or, we might decide that you could enhance the efficiency of your warehouse with a Hydraulic Dock Leveler. We carry six different Serco Hydraulic Dock Levelers, which means we can tailor your installation to your company’s exact needs. We can install these industry-leading products whether you’re a factory owner in Jacksonville, Florida, or a warehouse manager in Savannah, Georgia.

You might find that an Air-Powered Dock Leveler is the best option for your company. We carry two air-powered dock levelers, including the Serco Air-Powered Edge-of-Dock Model and the Serco Airbag Dock Leveler Model AB. Our expertise in servicing and installation means we can offer unparalleled advice on the model you should choose, and we can also continue to serve your needs by conducting loading dock repair or routine maintenance on those installations when the time comes.

Our Brands

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Values at Work

Company Goals

  • Take great care of every customer.
  • Treat employees well and with respect.
  • Be “first and best” in all markets in servicing customers.

Employee Commitment

  • Be accessible to customers and co-workers.
  • Be accountable to yourself and the company for your performance.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic.
  • Be a team player, hustle and have a great attitude.
DuraServ Employees

Why We Succeed

We don’t focus on just one aspect of Loading Dock and Overhead Door Equipment Sales; we approach each project intending to offer support to our customers, from the moment of project conception and through installation and maintenance support. We have five key areas that we consider during each interaction with a client. Here are our company goals and the reasons we enjoy fantastic success with each project we undertake.

  • Service First

    Southern Dock Products once operated as an equipment provider for new construction projects, but we changed our focus to a Service-First Philosophy. We’ve developed a set of best practices by focusing on the experiences of our employees and how their actions have fostered successful and long-term relationships with our clients. We firmly believe that every employee at our company, no matter their role, has the opportunity to make a positive impact and help Southern Dock Products continue to grow.

  • One Customer – One Contact

    When you Contact Southern Dock Products with an inquiry on an installation project or Service Request, we ensure you work with just one member of our team as your primary contact. We want to build a positive and familiar relationship with each client, which means ensuring every customer can get in touch and get a quick response at any time – before, during, or after we perform our installation, service, or maintenance work.

  • Large Retails

    Southern Dock Products counts national retailers as one of the most significant facets of our client base, and we’ve worked with companies like Target and Wal-Mart on intricate and far-reaching projects. However, we never sacrifice the customer experience, even if our client’s work covers multiple states and requires an army of installation technicians and support personnel. We are customer-first, always.

  • Compete as a Team

    Trust can only happen with our clients when they see that our company acts as a team, always with every client. We strive to compete as the “Best of the Best” in Loading Dock Equipment, but we know that we can only achieve that goal when we proactively cooperate and promote teamwork from within our organization.

  • Committed Employees

    Our organization has more than 300 employees, and we hold regular meetings throughout the year to ensure everyone is experiencing the best of what Southern Dock Products offers. We know that the high satisfaction of our employees translates directly to employees who are Dedicated to Giving Customers the Best Service Possible.

  • Experience and Tenure

    The dedication of our employees is so strong we have individuals working for us that have more than 40 Years of Experience in the business. If you’re looking for a company where experience transcends generations, look no further than Southern Dock Products.

Southern Dock Products is an Ideal Loading Equipment Partner for Your Company

We’re excited to work with your company on your loading dock equipment request, overhead door installation, or other projects. Contact us today for more information on our products and services and learn more about Southern Dock Products and our dedicated employees.